KORRES co-operates with micro-farmers, agricultural unions as well as with educational and social institutions.

We solely support organic farming and we guarantee that our cooperators do so as well not only via contractual agreements, but also by teaching our partners about organic farming and sustainable agricultural systems.

We help our cooperators throughout all stages of cultivation and harvesting in association with the Agricultural University of Athens, and support them financially by purchasing their production which we then use in our formulations.

Micro Farmers

Thyme & Artemisia Absinthium

by Ms Georgia Kleronomou
Samos ( Σάμος )


by Ms Maria Komini
Thesprotia ( Θεσπρωτία )

Wild Rose

by Ms Vasiliki Goudroubi
Larisa (Λάρισα)

Agricultural Unions


by Chios Mastiha Growers Association
Chios ( Χίος )

Krokos – Saffron

by Krokos Kozanis co-operative
Kozani ( Κοζάνη )

Herbs Calendula & Achillea

by Agrinio Agricultural co-operative
Agrinio ( Αγρίνιο )


by Organic Chestnut tree farmers
Arcadia ( Αρκαδία )

Aromatic Herbs

by Drogi co-operative of Aromatic herbs

Social & Educational Institutions


by American Farm School
Τhessaloniki ( Θεσσαλονίκη )

Marjoram / Oregano / Lemon Balm / Basil

by Agia Prison farms


Τhessaloniki ( Θεσσαλονίκη )

For more information on the collaboration of KORRES with micro farmers, agricultural unions and social & educational institutions, please refer to the official KORRES page.

More information about research can be found here.