was the starting point for pharmacist George KORRES and what inspired him to create the homonymous brand. The world itself is a marriage of two greek words; homios (όμοιος) which means similar, of the same kind and patheia (πάθος) which means feelings but also disease.

homeopathyHomeopathy is a mild but yet effective approach, which focuses on nature as the sole provider. Natural ingredients have numerous advantages for our health and can be efficient due to the unique and irreplaceable synergy between their components. In the lab, we research for ways to activate specific biological paths that enable cells to prolong their healthy life cycle. Natural ingredients that are selected due to their properties are extracted, isolated and then stabilised and tested exhaustively as to further access their action in relation to skin needs. Aloe, Borage, Calendula, Evening Primrose and Wild Rose are only some of the skin beneficiaries that nature provides us with.

The homeopathic heritage of the pharmacy to which G. KORRES started working in, has an archive of over 3.000 herbal remedies which are based on natural active ingredients. In addition the KORRES lab provides clinical efficacy and the natural formulations provide a healthy alternative to conventional skin solutions.