Key Benefits of the Wild Rose extract

24-Hour Moisturising |  Brightening |  Even Skin Tone

Wild rose ( Άγριο Τριαντάφυλλο)  is probably the most popular flower in the world. For KORRES  Wild Rose is a trademark and a synonym to the brand’s history since it is the main active of the very first KORRES cosmetic product; Wild Rose 24h Moisturising & Brightening Cream 

Our Wild Rose product line demonstrates significant repairing action against fine lines and pigmentation disorders due to its high level vitamin C. Furthermore, the Wild Rose oil rich in linoleic and linolenic acid offers significant moisturising, healing and softening properties. At the same time, it forms a protective film on the skin that helps cell regeneration and improves the texture of the epidermis. Most recently, Wild Rose became the key natural ingredient in KORRES Wild Rose Corrective Treatment line, delivering skin texture regeneration, even tone and radiance with clinically proven action first application.

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